“We find the entire internet to be in contempt of court”, said the judge. Meanwhile, on social media, the internet thought the feeling was basically mutual. Damn the Streisand effect for making me think about pointless celebrity tattle for even Continue reading


Schooling The Elite. Although the humans can vote, we use the selection barrier to ensure that all the candidates are monsters. The humans HAVE to vote Tentacle, to keep the other monster from winning.

Sam Wade and Beth Tomashek’s little ‘toon about a family of dust-bunnies and their battle with the cleaning maid is heartwarming.

Latest Dan Markowitz’s “NWAR” is even more pun-tastic than usual. Organ-ized crime! Ha.

Nice two minute cartoon with reasonably good knob-joke punchline. Good work!

Rory Conway’s animated short “Shoot” about a hit-man and a pigeon is big and clever.

Still loving Dan Markowitz’s puns in NWAR. He has the mark’o wit. Wish I could be half as productive as he manages too.

Enjoyed Happy Harry’s cartoon. Yet to publish one myself this year, but it’s close now. Honest.

Easily the best cartoon about a farty caveman-baby I’ve ever watched.