Blender’s Gooseberry Project

 Blender’s Gooseberry Project

Blender’s new ‘gooseberry’ project is in it’s fund-raising stage. They want to do a full feature-length open-movie project. Which could be very exciting. They appear to have just turned on ‘pledging’ so I’m on of the first 3 people to pledge to subscribe if they raise their targets.

What they’re offering

For thirteen dollars a month, they are offering “Full access” to the film as they make it.

I looked over the Sintel Open Movie last week, and it was awesome, I learned a lot just from poking about at the raw source files for the movie. Never mind the hours of tutorials included too.

I suspect this is a proper bargin, and so have pledged to play along, at least for 3 months, should they find enough other folks to do so to make it a goer.

Will they reach the targets?

However, with just 23 days left of the fund raising time complete, they still have a long way to go to meet their targets.

Why is that?

I think it’s not entirely clear what the deal is from their website to be honest. It feels like I had to click obscure links hidden in the middle of large chunks of text to find the FAQ and the links for “About the project” and “About the cloud” are labelled “soon”, clearly not quite ready.

Until very recently, it’s not been possilbe to pledge with any hope of a refund if the fundraising fails. This does seem to be addressed with the new ‘pledge’ option though.

Also, anyone who hasn’t already seen another of the Blender Foundation’s open movie’s data can get little idea what they may be given access to through their subscription.

Blender Guru Podcast

Looking forward to hearing the Gooseberry project lead interviewed by Andrew Price in the Blender Guru Podcast next week. Hopefully he can explain that pledges are now available, tell us all what exciting things will be accessible through the program, and help us reach the targets.


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