3D Print Your Own Paper Monster

Cut-Out-And-Glue Tentacle Monster Model. Front Back Cut-Out-And-Glue Tentacle Monster Model. Quite fun to make something more physical than just software for a change. It’s the So-Called 2D-Printers that are *really* cheating. Paper’s 3D too.

Give Me Your Heart

Hope someone gives you their heart this weekend. Mmmmm. Tasty! This Valentine, give me your heart. Pickled, served with fried crispy fingers. [Heart model from elZancudo at Blendswap]


A tentacle monster from space Joined our school’s three-legged race. Its tentacles tangled, The children got strangled, And the monster came home with first place. – An illustrated limerick.

The Giant Titenopus

Glad to see Attenborough has a monster show on the telly. Nice monster-hologram x-ray machine. “The Giant Titentopus can be more than five meters high, and is as vicious as it is viscous”