Chaos Laundromat

Chaos Laundromat is the open-project that the Blender Foundation are currently working on. It starts with a suicidal sheep. Ha.

Blender is the software I use for my cartoons. Free-software. They make films in order to have need, in order to have the necessity you need to know how to update software.

You don’t really know what needs improving if you don’t use it see.

The first ten minutes here look beautiful and the story beginning is intriguing.

And if you wanna remix it or alter it or use the characters or models, all that stuff to let you do so is available in the Creative Commons too.

My name is in that huge list of credits at the end there as a sponsor, since I give the Blender Foundation cash every month. Free software isn’t about money, part of the reason I’m unlikely to look hard at Renderman even though that’s gratis for folks like me now.

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