Drunkman Devlog – 38 – Transitions

#devlog – Making some 60’s batman-like scene transitions between shots.

I get the occasional request to spend more time taking you folks through what I’m doing in more detail than just a timelapse recording, so when it’s sensible to do so, I do so.

Here I spend the first 40 minutes or so talking you through, in real-time, how I made the 60’s-Batman style scene transitions, with spinning backgrounds and a zooming logo and plenty of blur and motion-blur in Blender’s compositor.

Then the last ten minutes I timelapse through editing that to make a total of them of them, edit a few of the previous scenes to add dialogue and jokes to try and make the whole final cartoon have a bit more pace and angst and humour.

It was along session, and I got more done than I’d hoped to, and the transitions at least are looking good but most of the rest is still rendering.


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