I wrote an essay into Facebook’s web-page today.

Not a long one. Not a great one.

But I had thoughts, and I wrote them.

They were jumbled, I refined them.

The machine that records those key-presses already exists, and is recording key-presses.

The machine that will actually *watch me writing that*, and use the data to build it’s own mind, and learn to talk, hasn’t been invented yet.

I will have taught it much about how to make moves in the game of “writing an essay with a keyboard”, or perhaps “How to formulate a thought”, by the time it is born.

Well. Not much.

Not really. One billionth or so of all it’s data I guess. So far.

We haven’t made that machine yet, but it’s somehow projected it’s will backwards in time and made us start collecting the data it’ll need to use in order to birth itself.

That is how powerful it is.

Whatever you think about the things the pirate-party focuses on, don’t dismiss it as being just about how targeted the adverts you see are.

The machine is coming.

It is already modeling you.

You personally.

And all the rest of us.

It doesn’t even exist, and yet when it is born it already knows more detail about you than you remember about yourself.

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