I wrote an essay into Facebook’s web-page today. Not a long one. Not a great one. But I had thoughts, and I wrote them. They were jumbled, I refined them. The machine that records those key-presses already exists, and is Continue reading


“We find the entire internet to be in contempt of court”, said the judge. Meanwhile, on social media, the internet thought the feeling was basically mutual. Damn the Streisand effect for making me think about pointless celebrity tattle for even Continue reading


Schooling The Elite. Although the humans can vote, we use the selection barrier to ensure that all the candidates are monsters. The humans HAVE to vote Tentacle, to keep the other monster from winning.


Rich people avoid taxes on a massive scale you say? How surprising! Fat Cat Tax-Cheats: even tastier than a double-Irish Dutch sandwich.


Did you ever have that dream where you’re one of Skinner’s pigeons? Only instead of being trained like Skinner’s pigeon, it’s you that’s helping train SkyNet?


Data-Privacy and Data protection don’t seem to be a thing that worries most of my friends much, I wonder if it’s coz they don’t really know what’s happening.

Mothers Day

For an infinitesimal fraction of time, just now, as this post went live, it’s the edge between my birthday and UK mothers’ day. Calendars are insane, especially dates like “three weeks before easter Sunday”, when easter itself is just so Continue reading

Super Tuesday

If there’s one thing everybody agreed on, it’s that the other side are the most frightening monsters yet to reveal their face at an election. First Past The Post: Electing lizards and tentacle monsters since 1778