Making of Frankie, Part Five.


Part five of Making Frankie starts by cartooning her up. She needs to fit into the world of the Tentacle Monsters, so I import the old Sally model, and resize her head to match, editing the rest of her mesh to make it look more natural.

I make her eyes bigger, he lips bigger, her lips redder, and flatten out the texture completely so as to make her appear more cartoon-like. Basically just keeping the eyebrows, eyeliner, eye-colouring and a flat skin-tone colour for Blender to light appropriately.

Next I resize and adjust Fankie’s hat (with her hair still dangling from it) to fit her new head.


I rebuild Fankie’s hair too, giving it a nice dynamic flow simulation and combing it over her shoulders.

I fiddle for a while with hair/mesh particle collision, trying to get the hair to fall naturally over her shoulders and face, but it seems Blender’s hair collision stuff still isn’t really up to the task. So in the end I resort to making her skin emit a hair-repelling forcefield. A powerful one, with a small range. This keeps her hair from falling through the mesh fairly satisfactorily.

Hair is damned annoying to get right at all, and there’s a few attempts here before I settle on something I think might work.

Turns out I’m wrong, even then, and next time I’ll end up cutting her hair to neck-length, which it turns out will work better in the scripts for the character anyway, but is certainly a compromise.


The music is a track called “Blue Plexiglas” by Electronic Senses you can find his Jamendo page at

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