Making of Frankie, Part Four.

Frankie finally gets a dress to wear so she doesn’t seem quite so flasher-like in her underwear and coat. I just extrude down from the existing bra to make a dress shape, and adjust the vertices groups so that it bends property with the armature and the skin/coat meshes.

The next step is masking. There are MANY places where the skin shows through the coat, or the dress. Or the dress shows through the coat. We handle this by making sure that the parts of the skin/dress which should be always covered by the dress/coat are maked out. We do this by making a mask texture, and applying it to the alpha/transparency chanel of the under texture.

I do this for the skin covered by the dress, the skin covered by the coat, and the dress covered by the coat, and the skin covered by the boots.

Also adjust the boots that I imported in from Makehuman. Makes things simpler if I can import and adjust the existing model, but those boots were crazy thigh-boots and Frankie just needs barely knee-high boots really. And not high-heals. She needs something more practical for running. I make a texture and material for the boots so that they have laces and are black. There’s also a furry texture for the wooly rims.

More adjusting of the dress as I test it for a few different poses, make sure the armature deforms it properly. Again, forgetting that this is probably better done with Weight-Painting.

Finally, I animate her doing a quick dance, with a probably pervy upskirt shot so I can check that the dress and the coat are masking property.

They aren’t, not quite, so adjusting that will be first in the next part.

While animating the dance, I also find many verticies which aren’t properly deforming with the meshes, so I fix those up too.


The music is a track called “Linear Gravity” by DJ Simos. you can find his Jamendo page at

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