Making of Frankie, Part Three.

Last time’s coat-arms were quick versions for the test render and weren’t done with nearly enough care or symmetry so the first thing I do here is delete them and do them right.

I test how well using the cloth simulator to make the arms flap is likely to work, and find the answer is it’s not likely to work so give up on that.

Next I make a texture for the coat. It needs to look leather, so I find a leather texture at and import it, mapping it to repeat over the coat at about the right scale.

The texture also has a seam in it, so it seems sensible to make the coat texture seamed in all the right places. I build a separate texture for those seems, adjusting the mapping coordinates until the seams run in the right places along the edges of the coat, and in the pocket edge too.

Another coat texture for the buttons at the front, and then I try a displcement map to make the coats buttons stick out from the coat itself. My mesh is to coarse for that though, and a bumpmap texture seems to do the job better.

Next I adjust the coat mesh so it works better with the bones that make it move. Assigning different vertices to different bone’s influence. It’s a tedious task which I should almost certainly have done with the weight-painter instead really. But that didn’t occur to me at the time.

I gain an understanding of which bones in the armature are used to displace the body though, and the structure of the skeleton itself.

Finally I build a quick walking-test animation to see how it all flows around her body and flaps as the cloth simulator is forced to follow her movements.


The music is a track called “Sobia” by Destiny. you can find their Jamendo page at

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