MoCap Experiments

With v0.1 in the can and ready for release next month, I spent the weekend starting v0.2 by trying to get to grips with motion-capture tools. After learning how the hell to do it all, this little 50 second animation took about half an hour from dancing it for the cameras to having Krux Katlin dance it. (Then 16 hours to render, ugh).

As you can see, it’s pretty noisy and terrible and the pose-resolver is certainly getting confused very often. Motion-captured animation data is going to require considerable amounts of manual editing and cleaning.

Which isn’t going to be easy, coz usually when you make an animation you keep half an eye on the simplicity of the key-frame curves, to keep the whole thing manageable.

Whereas the motion-capture robot just puts a keyframe on every single bone every single frame. It’s a horrific mess. The curves are everywhere.

Still, there exist some tools, both to edit mo-cap data before import and to simplify complex animation curves. Will be playing with those this week.

Still, 30 minutes for 50 seconds of animation is an incredible productivity rate. Even if clean-up takes all day it’ll still be a massive win.

I like the research phase, learning new tools is fun.

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