Mothers Day

For an infinitesimal fraction of time, just now, as this post went live, it’s the edge between my birthday and UK mothers’ day.

Calendars are insane, especially dates like “three weeks before easter Sunday”, when easter itself is just so obviously not sensible.

If my calendar figurations are right then it’s happed only 3 prior times in my life, in 1978, 1989, and 2005.

I give not much more than 70% chance I didn’t screw up that calendar caluclation.

Calendar’s are WAY hard.

Pointlessly so.


Is there a good date calculator anywhere that’ll let you do things like “list dates on which the day three weeks before Easter Sunday and 5th March were either co-incidental or consecutive? I couldn’t find it. Wolfram Alpha? I still can’t figure out how to use Wolfram Alpha.

I don’t remember noticing it any of those times anyway.

A few of my friends have mums that haven’t really been all that great. But I’m blessed in that I can’t think of anything much my mum could have done better. Certainly she never stopped loving and caring, even through her fears.

She never gave me a whole world to gobble up for my dinner though.

She’s no Tentacle Mother.

Mothers Day Poem.

The Tentacle Mother be praised indeed,
For birthing us all from her womb and
bringing us to the Earth’s buffet to feed
on the wonderfully crunchy-boned humans.

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