My VR starship game/story prototype is now running at room-scale on the Vive as well as on GearVR. That took all of about twenty minutes to get running from the GearVR version. Unity is awesome.
starship screenshot 1

Positional head-tracking (as well as just the rotational head-tracking you get in the Gear/Cardboard) is so much better. Feels like the difference between sticking your head in a window vs walking into a room.

Here’s a first screenshot, it’s mostly scaffold. Flying saucer from a distance, you can just about see two of the five crew-members on the bridge under the dome.

First demo-previews and restarting Devlog planned for about Christmas time with luck.

Today I shall be figuring out how to get the tracked-space controllers working, and some kinda blink/teleport movement around the wider area than the control deck.

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