Schrödinger’s Destiny Feb 2019 Update

I’ve been reworking all the motion capture/editing system over the last few months, using a quick 60 second test scene from Hitchiker’s Guide. In it, Simon plays Ford Prefect and Yatra plays Arthur Dent as they discuss a giant robot’s demand “Take me to your lizard”.

It’s been quite a long slow slog, capturing movement then editing it, finding editing tools missing so writing them, finding more tools missing so writing them. But I’m finally at the point where I can capture and edit at least some basic standing and stepping and talking.

So I say goodbye to my 60 second test scene, and start trying to remake V0.1’s film only better, using the motion capture system etc.

Meanwhile, I thought you may want to view the test scene to see how thing are coming along

First, here’s the 3d 360 version at Veer.TV

Then the flat-screen version at Youtube

And finally the 360 3D version at youtube too:

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