The Starship "Schroedinger's Destiny" is an interactive Virtual Reality story set mostly aboard a flying saucer. It's very very very early in development. Like, less than 10% done.

The latest Vive work-in-progress demo can be downloaded here, and was last updated around Valentine's Day 2017 with a test scene on the nature of love called "Heart Shaped Moon". There's a video of that below.

The GearVR version is available through construct VR now.

I'd happily make a Rift or Daydream version if someone gave me the hardware to test it on, but I'm all out of money for that sort of thing for some time to come. Possibly that Vive/OpenVR version will work on Rift anyway? I honestly have no idea.

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starship screenshot 1

My VR starship game/story prototype is now running at room-scale on the Vive as well as on GearVR. That took all of about twenty minutes to get running from the GearVR version. Unity is awesome. Positional head-tracking (as well as Continue reading