The Starship Schrödinger’s Destiny V0.2 Mini-Episode. 360 3D Video

The crew of the flying saucer get into a pickle over what to eat for dinner in 3D 360 video.

The Starship Schrödinger’s Destiny is an interactive story set in virtual reality featuring the adventures of the crew of a flying saucer.

This is the 360 3D video of the V0.2 mini-story, “Eggs”.

Produced by Adam Priest except for

Mirabell Stuart: voice of Coral Linwood
Gerald Maliqi: voice of Yatra Jane
Suzie Houlihan: voice of Krux Katlin
Lunar Seed: Music

So many open-source and creative commons and marketplace contributors I couldn’t even keep track of them, notably those attached to Blender and Unity and Freesound.

This is the 360 3d video version.

There is a flat screen film too.

There is also an OpenVR app for Vive/Rift.

There is a GearVR app for GearVR, released soon.

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