V0.1 Mini-Episode Premier At Kino London, 25th July.

The Version 0.1 mini-episode of “The Starship Schrödinger’s Destiny”, entitled “Forgettery” is ready.

It’s a five-minute story starring Anna Lock as Anxi Sun and Michael Langan as Simon Samson as they struggle with forces beyond comprehension. Well, beyond their comprehension anyway.

As well as the normal flat-screen cartoon, there is a Virtual Reality 360-3d film, and more interactive VR versions available as apps for GearVR and Vive.

Release will be 26th July, after a premier screening at Kino London on the 25th July. Kino is a regular short-film open-mic night, returning after a break at a new venue. There I’ll introduce the film and take questions, as will all the other short-film makers presenting that night.

Their facebook event is here:

There’s a facebook event just for my screening with it here:

The event ticket booking page is here:

Not a big deal like the movie when I rented out a cinema to release years of work, it’s just a five-minute open-mic slot. If everyone came we’d crowd out the other film-maker’s audience and lessen the chances I’ll meet someone there who wants to help out.

The film will be on the website and Facebook etc like the next day.

But do come if you’re interested.

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