I wrote an essay into Facebook’s web-page today. Not a long one. Not a great one. But I had thoughts, and I wrote them. They were jumbled, I refined them. The machine that records those key-presses already exists, and is Continue reading


“We find the entire internet to be in contempt of court”, said the judge. Meanwhile, on social media, the internet thought the feeling was basically mutual. Damn the Streisand effect for making me think about pointless celebrity tattle for even Continue reading

Fun little toon about roller-coasters from Chang Shu at the Ringling College of Art and Design

Here’s a pretty little cartoon about Mother Nature and cute little cloud creatures by Lucy Xue and Paisley Manga….

Blender’s 360-3D rendering is live in the next version. Hurray. I’m planning to use it. Here’s Caminandes in VR.

Sam Wade and Beth Tomashek’s little ‘toon about a family of dust-bunnies and their battle with the cleaning maid is heartwarming.

Latest Dan Markowitz’s “NWAR” is even more pun-tastic than usual. Organ-ized crime! Ha.