Tentacles: After The end was a four-act 30-minunte cartoon movie made by pre in 2014.

It features the last and worst human, Sally, as she struggles to replace her shoe, after tentacles monsters have eaten everyone she ever knew and wrecked everything she ever loved.

After The End


Watch the trailer to get an idea in 90 seconds:

Act One

Sally is having a terrible day, until she meets a stranger

Act Two

Sally hatches a plan, there's just one things she needs

Act Three

Sally's plan can not possibly work, and so it fails.

Act Four

Sally is about to be split in twain by two tentacle monsters, all is doomed, do you really want to watch this? How can she escape, let alone destroy the tentacle fleet?



And now, a short interlude. Drunkman knows the city is in trouble, the city needs him, but he'll just drop by the bar on the way.

The End - Prequels

During the next year or two pre made a series of shorts, Tentacles: The End - Prequels, in which a reporter "Frankie" uncovers the Tentacle conspiracy.

Episode One

Frankie uncovers a conspiracy - tentacle monsters are real.

Episode Two

The ice bucket challenge.

Episode Three

Brad Pitt is in league with the monsters?

Episode Four

Frankie raids number 10 to find the truth, but accidentally kidnaps David Cameron.

Starship Schrodinger's Destiny

The Starship Schrödinger's Destiny is Pre's new project, which he started after putting a Virtual Reality headset on and so almost immediately abandoning this project for a new VR one, an Interactive Sci-Fi Virtual-Reality story about a flying saucer and it's crew.

Find it at starshipSD.Com

There's loads of new toons there already, and now they're in VR too!

Looking for my QuickTalk lip-syncing blender plugin? Here you go

Wayback machine has an archive of this site as it was when pre abandoned it.